Benefits of Massage, Sheree Kirby Mobile Massage Therapy, London, Kent

Massage has many benefits for your physical, emotional and mental health

01 Massage is great for relieving stress

02 Promotes relaxation

03 Can improve sleep

04 Massage increases circulation and blood flow

05 Massage has positive effects on mood as it releases the 'feel good' hormones - dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin

06 Improve concentration

07 Help to reduce anxiety

08 Ease symptoms of depression

09 Reduce muscle tension

10 Alleviates muscle soreness after exercise

11 Enhance exercise performance

12 Massage can help relieve feelings of isolation through the therapeutic power of touch

13 Improves circulation of the lymphatic system as it increases the excretion of waste products from the body

14 Massage can boost the immune system

15 Massage can be used to either simulate or soothe nerves in the body by the type of massage movement used

16 Regular massage treatments are beneficial to your skin

17 Massage exfoliates dead skin cells

18 Massage increases nutrients to the cells and brings about cell regeneration

19 Skin colour can also be improved

20 Reduce scar tissue

21 Massage improves joint mobility

22 Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

23 Decrease rheumatoid arthritis

24 Alleviate lower back pain

25 Increase healing of soft tissue injuries

26 Improves posture

27 Relieves headaches and migraines

28 Reduces fatigue

29 Helps fibromyalagia

30 Having regular massages can build up the immune system

Benefits of Massage, Sheree Kirby Mobile Massage Therapy, London, Kent