Wellness Series, Sheree Kirby Mobile Massage Therapy, London, Kent

Wellness Series

SHEREE KIRBY massage therapy offers multiple treatment packages at a discounted rate to help make your wellness plan more affordable and rewarding.


Having regular, consistent massage treatments has been proven to increase the benefits massage provides.  By booking the Wellness Series you are investing in your health and well being by making it part of your ongoing wellness plan. 

The Wellness Series is available for all treatments available.  Book a package of 6 treatments for the price of 5 or a package of 12 treatments for the price of 10. Your packages can consist of different treatments for the same price and time in minutes. 


Packages of 6                      Packages of 12

30 minutes..........£200        30 minutes..........£400

60 minutes..........£325        60 minutes..........£650

90 minutes..........£450        90 minutes..........£900

120 minutes........£600        120 minutes........£1200

For Hot Stone Massage packages add £5 per treatment.

For Lomi Lomi Massage packages add £30 per treatment.

Loyalty Card

SHEREE KIRBY massage therapy likes to say thank you and reward it's loyal clients by giving them £10 off a treatment after collecting 6 loyalty stars.


All you have to do is each time you have a treatment you will earn one star.  Once you have collected all 6 you'll receive £10 off your next treatment.  


The rewards do not end there, once you have filled your loyalty card and received your discounted treatment you will be issued with a new card to get collecting again.  

To obtain a loyalty card all you have to is book a treatment.

Loyalty Card, Sheree Kirby Mobile Massage Therapy, London, Kent
Referral Card, Sheree Kirby Mobile Massage Therapy, London, Kent

Client Referral Program

To show Sheree's deep appreciation to you, her clients, for trusting her with your massage needs she has a great client referral program for her regular clients.  You will receive £10 off your treatment, but the reward does not end there as the person you refer will also receive the same discount.   How it works is you will take a referral card for the friend you wish to refer, they will fill the card in and you will BOTH receive £10 off your next visit.