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Lomilomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian, holistic massage which reconnects the mind, body and spirit.  It is a full body treatment which is deeply nurturing and healing. 

Lomilomi massage is performed with the client completely undressed and unlike other massages were lots of draping is used lomilomi massage has minimal draping using a sarong or loincloth to cover the clients buttocks and genitals.  A breast covering is offered to female clients when lying supine.  This allows the therapist to perform the distinctive long, flowing lomilomi strokes with the oil use.  The massage starts with pule, the Hawaiian word for prayer.  With the therapist's hands being on the client and focusing on breathing, the intention of aloha (unconditional love) is set for the massage.


Lomilomi massage differs to other types of massage as it feels like one long continuous stroke that flows from head to toe giving the sensation like the waves of the ocean over the client's body.  Maximum touch is used on the client with the therapist using both forearms for the long, flowing strokes.  These fluid, rhythmic strokes vary from light to strong in pressure and are very healing and balancing physically, emotionally and spiritually for the client.​

Lomilomi massage is ideal for addressing muscle pain as well as improving circulation and boosting your immune system. It is extremely beneficial for stress and tension relief and bringing deep relaxation leaving you feeling floating in blissful relaxation after your massage. 

Lomilomi massage can also be known as Lomi Lomi Massage, Hawaiian Massage. 


Hot stones may also be used at the beginning of the massage and the oils used are Neal's Yard Professional Range organic massage oil (nourishing almond, wheatgerm and sunflower) blended with fractionated coconut oil. 


90 minutes £120

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